Disclosure and Declaration

The Insurer

This insurance policy is underwritten by DPL Insurance Limited (DPL). DPL has been given a B++ Financial Strength Rating by A.M. Best. For more information about DPL’s financial strength rating and solvency margin go to www.dplinsurance.co.nz/Financial+Strength.html.

Your Duty of Disclosure

You have a legal duty of disclosure when you apply for insurance, make changes to your policy and when making a claim, to tell us everything that a prudent insurer would want to take into account in deciding:

  • Whether to issue your policy;
  • The applicable terms and conditions of your policy;
  • The amount of your premium;
  • Whether any alterations to your policy will be made;
  • Whether your policy will respond to your claim.

If you are not sure whether to disclose a particular piece of information, please ask. All information that you give us will be treated confidentially.

Privacy & Declaration

You have acknowledged that:

  • Personal information concerning you provided to us and our associated companies (us) may be held, used and disclosed by us and them;
  • We collect personal information about you so that your application for insurance can be assessed and a decision made whether to issue a policy and if so on what terms;
  • If you do not provide all the personal information requested by us, the insurance cover being proposed may not be able to be provided to you;
  • Your personal information required to administer your insurance, which is held by any other parties, may be disclosed to us;
  • All personal information is securely held by DPL Insurance Limited, 28 The Warehouse Way, Northcote, Auckland 0627 and may also be securely stored electronically on servers which may be located overseas; and
  • Under the Privacy Act 2020, you have certain rights of access to, and to request correction of, personal information held about you by us.

You have declared that:

  • By providing your email address and phone number, you will receive messages from us about your insurance and, from time to time, any other relevant product or service offers;
  • This application will form part of the contract of an insurance policy between you and us;
  • All the answers in this application form and on any attachment are complete and correct;
  • You have told us about every matter that you know (or could reasonably be expected to know) that may affect the decision to accept the risk and terms of the insurance applied for;
  • You agree to accept the terms, conditions, exceptions and definitions of the insurance;
  • You accept that the full disclosure of terms, conditions, exceptions and definitions will be forwarded to you in due course; and
  • If this policy was facilitated through an agent, you understand that the agent may receive remuneration for arranging this policy.